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Mass Effect 3

Post  Caduceus on Fri Sep 02, 2011 7:57 pm

Not only is this going to be a fantastic game on it's own, or for anyone who didn't play either of the first two, it has a very nice feature as well. I will explain for anyone who lives in a hole, under a rock, on a different planet, what I mean.

Not only do these games have consequences to your decisions (ho hum, nothing new right), but you can import your character from a previous series and all your choices come with it. If someone died, they are still dead. If you saved them, they are back. Now, this was great from ME1 to ME2, but now with ME3, all the decisions you made in the first two will play out (provided you have the saves to do this, which, woohoo, I do).

They also have had some great voice-actors. Yvonne Strahovski from the show Chuck voiced Miranda and they also used her face and body for the character, though they made her a brunette, instead of the blonde she is. The Elusive Man was voiced by non other than Martin Sheen.

Check out the latest trailer, and for recurring fans, you will see a character return that you could not enlist in the second installment. This was done so they, and possibly others were sure to survive for this epic battle.

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